Warrington Hall

The absolute last Doornfontein post…

Google Earth view showing where Warrington Hall once stood

Google Earth view showing where Warrington Hall once stood

At the corner of Pieterson and Nugget street stood Warrington Hall which was built by F. Eckstein in the 1890s. It was across the road from Reunerts Windybrow (which still stands today)
I’ve attached a google earth shot of the area showing the positions where the  photos were taken from and indicated Warrington Hall’s position. One of the buildings in the block is called Warrington Hall at 157 Nugget Street.

Sir Friedrich Gustav Jonathan Eckstein [owner 1910 – 1921]

Sir Friedrich Eckstein was a German born on 9th April 1857 in Birkach near Stuttgart. He pioneered the development of South African gold mines together with his brother, Hermann Eckstein, founder of the famous Witwatersrand mining house of H Eckstein & Co. (Corner House) in 1887. Later he was a partner in the Werner Beit Co. of London. He succeeded Sir Julius Weinher as Chairman of the Central Mining & Investment Corporation, but was finally forced out of office by anti-German hysteria that broke out at the beginning of the First World War. From 1888 Eckstein lived in Johannesburg where he had a grand house called Warrington Hall in the suburb of Doornfontein.

Above info taken from http://www.johnathersuch.com/op_website/op_owners_text.htm

In the opening scene of the script, the main character is sitting on Nugget Hill (called Fox’s Reserve back then) overlooking Windybrow and Warrington Hall at 1am in the morning. While pondering the day he has another vision of his long dead friend in a period clown suit with no shoes. It’s one his favourite spots overlooking the town.

Warrington Hall 1890s

Warrington Hall 1890s (on the right)

Sketch of Warrington Hall

Sketch of Warrington Hall

Next post is the Bezheidenhout Farm (1850s) and graveyard. I captured what is left of the graveyard as much of it had been vandalised.
The farm was one of the last to be sold after gold was discovered and covers the valley from what is now Doornfontein in the west all the way through to Bruma/Eastgate in the east.

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